April Showers Bring Personal Injuries: A Guide To Wet Slip & Flip Accidents At Work

When spring weather arrives, it can include a lot of rainy days and wet conditions. As you head to work during these gloomy days, the impact of the rain should not be the cause of a work-related injury. If you've been injured due to wet and rainy conditions at work, then your company may be liable for these injuries. There are multiple factors that may contribute to a personal injury case involving the rain. Working with an attorney can help you break down the factors and determine if you have a possible case.

Improper Entryways

When it rains, one area that will be impacted in the entryway to your workplace. Wet feet coming in and out of the business can create puddles, mud, and dangerous conditions. This is why many businesses set up proper areas to lessen the impact of rain. If your employer does not have mats or rugs to absorb the water, then they may be held liable for unsafe working conditions.

Your lawyer can help you showcase the entryway and the dangers it presented by not being able to properly eliminate rain water issues. For example, they can determine if any of the mats were approved by organizations like the National Floor Safety Institute. These products were inspected for proper safety during all different conditions and it can make a big difference if no products were used at your employer.

Poor Drainage Systems

A poor drainage system on the exterior of the place you work can cause all types of problems and safety issues. When water isn't properly draining, it can create large puddles and areas where you can slip and fall. Poor drainage could also cause entryway issues like deteriorating walkways and curbs. If these areas were not properly maintained, the company you work for may be held liable for your injuries that occurred as a result. An attorney can look at specific factors like if any sewer treatments were done and the last time the drainage lines were inspected.

Parking Lots

One of the more dangerous areas during rain storms is the parking lot of the business. Along with poor drainage systems, slopes, potholes, and large puddles can all cause injuries at work. If the parking lot is in poor condition, this may be a direct result of your injury.

By working with an attorney, you can determine the last time the parking lot was paved and indicate areas of danger that eventually resulted in your injury. Even in dry weather situations, poor parking lot conditions could lead to a dangerous slip and fall injury. An attorney may hire a parking lot inspector to check out the area where you parked and places in the lot that should have been repaired and properly maintained.

Carpets & Walkways

Foot traffic from employees and customers can bring a lot of the rainwater into the business. Soaked carpets that are not properly treated could lead to dangerous areas and your injury. When carpets are soaked, employers should have hazard signs posted to indicate these areas. If there was no sign and your injury came out of nowhere, then the company may be liable for the injuries. An attorney can use witness statements and other employee reports to help with your case and showcase any missteps that were taken.

Wet Gear Areas

During a rainstorm, employees may bring in umbrellas, wet coats, and rain boots. When all of these items are placed in a single location, the excess water could create a dangerous walking area. An umbrella rack may have a leak that leads to a puddle formation on the floor. An attorney can determine whether the wet gear area has proven to be unsafe. During the day, the area should be marked to showcase any safety hazards or concerns that arise.

Rain is a hazard on its own, but when your injury could have been prevented, your attorney can hold the company liable. Along with a personal injury, you may seek out workers compensation for any time lost on the job. For more information, contact a practice like Law Office of Daniel E Goodman, LLC

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