Tips For Avoiding A Motorcycle Accident When Riding With A New Passenger

If you love to go motorcycle riding, you may ask your loved one to join you for a ride. However, if you are not familiar riding around with a passenger, and they aren't familiar with riding, an accident can occur. Before you head out for your first ride together, here are some things you should go over. They can help you avoid being involved in a motorcycle accident when you are riding with a passenger.

Work Out Hand Signals

It can be extremely challenging, and even dangerous, to converse with your passenger when you are riding a motorcycle. However, your passenger may need to tell you to stop, or you may want to check in to ensure your passenger is doing okay. Many people work out hand signals before they begin to ride so that they can communicate each other safely and effectively. Maybe your passenger tapping you two times will let you know that they need you to stop so they can stretch their legs. Or maybe them waving at you tells you to slow down because you are going to fast for them. Working out hand signals for stop, slow down, look, and I'm doing okay can help you both communicate safely and effectively on a bike ride.

Talk to Your Passenger About Being a Motorcycle Passenger

If your motorcycle passenger has never ridden a bike before, they may be unsure of what to expect. Everything from what they may feel to where they should place their feet is all new to them. Taking the time to tell them what to expect, what position they should sit in, where they should hold you and where they should place their feet should all be discussed. Allow them to ask you questions as well. This will help ensure they don't suddenly jolt their body if they experience something they were not prepared for or hold you in a position that impedes your ability to operate the motorcycle correctly.

Practice Riding Together

Before you head out on a bike ride together, take some time to practice riding in your neighborhood or even an empty parking lot. Riding with a passenger on your motorcycle is a different experience than riding alone. The weight of another person makes it harder for you to turn and may make it take longer for you to come to a complete stop after braking. And shifts in your partner's body movement can throw off your balance. Unfortunately, until you begin to do this, you may not know just how much adjusting you have to make, as it varies based on the weight and height of the person you are riding with. The amount of movement they make when turning and shifting can also affect the adjustments you need to make. Taking the time to learn how to ride with your partner and getting into a rhythm can make a longer ride safer for the both of you.

Working out hand signals, discussing how to be a good passenger and practicing riding together are just a few of the ways that you and your passenger can avoid being involved in a motorcycle accident when riding with a new passenger. Unfortunately though, you can't avoid every accident. Wearing safety gear, such as helmets, can help lessen the impact of an accident that occurs when riding a motorcycle. If you or your passenger are injured in a motorcycle accident, and another driver was at fault, be sure to discuss your accident with a motorcycle accident attorney. You have a limited amount of time to recover evidence from the scene and file a suit to recover money for your medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering. Click here for more info about how an attorney can help you do this.

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