Neck Injuries: 4 Financial Impacts For Podcast Hosts & Creators

A slip and fall accident that results in a neck injury can dramatically change your everyday life. Along with losing regular income, there are other financial impacts that may occur as a result of the injury. A neck injury can limit both movements and your ability to speak clearly. If you run and host a podcast, this can make a huge difference in your ability to produce content. When an injury forces you to delay or shut down your podcast, there are four financial impacts you need to consider. By hiring the services of a personal injury attorney, you can explore these impacts and seek compensation through an injury settlement case.


One of the main ways that podcasts make money is with sponsorships. Many companies often pay for ads that appear in the beginning or middle of a podcast session. When running your own podcast, you may have had multiple companies that paid for sponsorship on the show. As you heal through a neck injury, you are not only losing out on sponsorship payments, but you may lose companies altogether as sponsors. If your injury lasts for multiple weeks, a company may choose another podcast to advertise with. A person injury attorney can seek compensation for the income you lost due to the sponsors. Along with cash value, some sponsors may have donated equipment or other goods. These items can also be valued with your case.


Along with sponsors, another way your podcast may have made extra income is with user subscriptions. Whether it was through a personalized app or website, a podcast subscription allows users to have exclusive access to your podcasts, including extra content and early releases of sessions. As your podcast is delayed through an injury, you may lose out on the monthly subscriber base. This can result in a large financial impact. An attorney can showcase the difference in subscribers before and after your injury has occurred. The settlement amount can represent the losses that have occurred directly related to your injury and inability to record podcast sessions.

Adaptive Equipment

As you heal through a neck injury, you may be anxious to return to your podcast. With limited mobility and functioning, you may have to invest some money in specialty podcasting equipment. The costs for this equipment can be included in your settlement case. For example, if our neck cannot move up and down, you may need to purchase a new microphone stand that extends upward to your mouth. A longer microphone may also be needed. A special chair may also be needed so that you can sit comfortably and talk for extended amounts of time without hurting your neck further. All of these equipment costs can be included within your settlement case. An attorney can use receipts and pricing guides for various pieces of equipment and seek compensation for these costs. Along with the podcast equipment that you already purchased, an attorney may include costs for equipment you may need in the future.

Assistant Wages

If your neck injury gives you the ability to talk, but limits movement, then your podcast may be able to continue on sooner than you expected. One way of doing this is by hiring an assistant. If you paid someone to help set up equipment and recording sessions, then their wages may be included as part of your settlement case. Without the injuries, you would not have needed to pay for an assistant. Instead of having to pay straight out of pocket, an attorney can help you seek compensation for those costs. Keeping track of payments through pay stubs and digital methods will help create proper evidence for the case.

Contact a personal injury attorney or check out a website like if you have been injured in a slip and fall accident. Seeking legal help as soon as possible can make a huge difference on the final outcome of your case.

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