Were You Injured In A Slip And Fall Accident At A Business? Here Is A Checklist Of Evidence You Want To Get And Keep

If you were injured in a slip and fall accident, you may be able to sue the property owner where the slip and fall occurred. However, in order to do so, you have to be able to prove that they were at fault for the accident. For example, if you tripped over your own shoelaces and fell, or stumbled down the stairs on your own, the property owner isn't responsible. Proving that a property owner is liable can be challenging. This is why having the right evidence is important. The steps you take immediately after an accident can make a huge difference in your case. Here is a checklist of evidence you want to attempt to gather and keep following a slip and fall accident.

The Clothing You Were Wearing

After a slip and fall accident, you want to take off the clothing and shoes you are wearing and place them in a plastic bag that can be sealed. This helps to preserve any evidence on the clothing and prevent it from deteriorating. It may be hard to believe, but the clothing you were wearing when you slipped and fell can become a crucial part of your case. If you attempt to sue the other party for your slip and fall accident, they may claim that your shoe tread was wearing and if you were wearing the right shoes, you may not have fell. Having the exact shoes you wore on the day of the accident can disprove this common defense. Additionally, the shirt and pants you are wearing can help to prove what substance, if any, you slipped and fell on the floor because of. If someone spills a jar of pickles on the floor of a store, the store doesn't clean it up and then you fall, it may be your word against the store owner's. But if you have clothing seeped in pickle juice from the day of the accident, your case may be a bit stronger.

Photographs Of Where You Fell

The majority of people have cell phones. These cell phones have cameras on them that can make snapping evidence easier than ever. If you have had a slip and fall accident, it is always advisable to take out your cell phone and begin to snap pictures of the accident scene. These pictures can help document the amount of lighting, the condition of the floor and whatever it was that caused you to slip and fall. After an accident, it is not uncommon for a store or business to clean up or repair whatever it was that caused you to trip or slip in an effort to protect other customers. Unfortunately, once they do so, the evidence for your case is gone. This is why it is important to snap pictures as quickly as possible.

Witness Contact Information

Following a slip and fall accident, people may rush over to help you. After you have gathered your bearings, always ask them if they saw the accident. If they did, ask for their contact information. This should include their name, address and phone number. These witnesses can later corroborate your story as to what you were doing when the accident occurred, what caused the accident and state who they think was at fault and why. This can be crucial information for a judge or jury. Unfortunately, if the witness leaves the store or business without giving you their information, it is unlikely you will ever be in contact with them again, so it is important to get this information before they walk out.

The actions you take immediately following a slip and fall accident in a business can make or break your case. Documenting can provide you with evidence that can prove your claim. If you were injured in a slip and fall accident, a personal injury attorney can review your evidence and help you decide whether you have a claim or not. If you do, they can help you file your case before the statute of limitations tolls and you lose the right to file a lawsuit forever. This can help to ensure you receive the money you are entitled to for your injuries. Check out a law firm like Burke Schultz Harman & Jenkinson Attorneys at Law to contact an attorney.

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