Make It Easier To Get Workers' Comp Benefits

The way you handle your workers' comp claim can have a huge effect on the ease, timelessness, and resolution of your case. Being injured and out of work is bad enough, so make sure that everything you do in connection to your case is within the rules. Read on for some quick tips that might make it easier to get what you deserve from workers' comp.

Go to the urgent care or emergency room. Unless you feel that you can put it off until you can be seen by your own doctor, seek help right away. Be sure to let the facility know that your injury is work-related and exactly how the injury or occupational illness occurred.

Inform your supervisor as soon as possible. Let your employer know and ask about filling out the workers' comp claim forms. You may only have so much time to file a claim and get the benefits you need. Promptly reported injuries may be more successful than one that was delayed. Speak with your human resources office to find out about the form and the procedure for filing.

Stay in contact with the workers' comp insurance company. It can take a few weeks for the insurer to conduct an investigation into the injury and they will either deny your claim or accept it. If you've not heard from them and it's been at least two or three weeks since you filed you might need to follow up with a phone call. It pays to be proactive with this and every aspect of your case.

Follow all medical treatment guidelines and work restrictions. You will need to follow your doctor's suggestions for seeing specialists, diagnostic testing, surgery, therapy, medication, and everything else. If you are placed on a work restriction, such as home confinement or light duty, be sure to get it in writing and let your employer know right away.

Comply with the insurance carrier's requests for additional information. With a workers' comp case, you must share your medical information with the insurance company. You will need to sign a release enabling the insurance carrier to access your health information that pertains to the accident or they won't approve your benefits. In some cases, the workers' comp agency will attempt to gather more information about your injury by asking you to undergo an independent medical exam. Compliance is not optional and the results of the exam may determine whether or not your benefits will continue at the current level or change.

Be sure to get the support you need for complying with the needs of the insurance carrier by obtaining legal counsel. Know your rights and get a workers' compensation attorney on your side to help you get what you are entitled to get.

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