Beyond Slip and Fall: Other Forms of Premises Liability

A slip and fall accident is a classic example of an injury that can trigger a premises liability claim. However, a slip and fall injury isn't the only injury for which a premise's owner may be required to compensate the injured victim. Here are other examples of accidents that can give rise to premises liability claims or lawsuits.

Dog Bites

There are circumstances under which building owners may be liable for dog bites that occur on their premises. For example, a property owner may be liable for dog bites caused by stray dogs if the property owner didn't take adequate measures to keep out the dogs. Another example of a dog bite case that may trigger a premises liability claim is when a public building doesn't have a pet policy in place and a visitor's pet ends up biting another person.

Criminal Attacks

A criminal attack by a third party may also trigger a premises liability claim. All the attack victim has to prove is that the property owner knew or should have known about the attack, and didn't do anything to prevent it. For example, a property owner who has heard about parking lot robberies in their neighborhood should take measures to prevent such attacks on their premises. This may include things like lighting up the parking lot, employing security guards, or warning visitors about the risk of attacks. Failure to do this makes the property owner liable for any attacks that may occur on the premises.


An electrocution occurs when someone gets injured or killed by electricity. Electrocution can easily occur when an electrical wiring or appliance malfunctions or is improperly installed. For example, a shopping mall visitor may be electrocuted by an exposed electrical wire that was carelessly left exposed after a negligent renovation work. In such a case, the property owner will be liable for the electrocution because they did not take the necessary measures to make their electrical wiring safe.

Drowning or Swimming Injuries

The last example is that of swimming pool related injuries that may occur if swimming pool owners:

  • Don't maintain their swimming pool properly
  • Don't provide adequate pool attendants
  • Fail to construct safe pools

For example, if a swimmer trips and falls on a poorly constructed diving board, the management or owner of the pool may be liable for the injuries since they could have prevented the accident.

In short, any injury occurring on another person's property may trigger premises liability claims. In a nutshell, it is not the type of injury that matters; what matters is the cause of the injury and whether the owner of the property could have done something to prevent it. To seek legal representation for a premises liability claim, visit a site like

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